RACHMADES Full Body Mirror, Vault Mirror, 65″ x 22″ Wall Mirror, Floor Mirror with Stand, Bedroom Living Room Bathroom Salon Hanging Mirror

739,70 AED

【Large size】 65″x22″ full-length mirror allows you to see your whole body. When the H-shaped bracket is opened and the mirror is placed on the ground, a triangular support is formed between the bracket and the mirror, which is very stable and the mirror is free to stand anywhere.
【Arch design】This is a very trendy style, with a vaulted top frame design that looks very unique and upscale. It stands out in any space and makes your room look tasteful.
【HD imaging】 Custom silver mirror, the selection of explosion-proof materials, rust proof and explosion-proof, such as accident damage, the mirror glass will not be scattered around, to ensure your safety!

Prices may vary upon system update!