Cute Cat Night Light for Kids, Kids Lamp for Bedrooms Girls, Squishy Cat Lamp, Kawaii Kids Lamps for Girls, Animal Night Light for Baby, Silicone Cat Touch Lamp, Childs Squishy Night Light with Remote

89,00 AED

😸[Cat night light for kids,children]: This cat night light is perfect for bed time! The light offers a soothing light, which comforts the kid to fall asleep. The soft light also helps avoiding waking up the kid totally and she goes back to sleep easier. It’s soft silicone, not hard platsic, so if it hits, tumbles or falls off the table, the silicone cover pops back into it’s natural form it was before. Don’t have to worry about the light ing or some piece of plastic breaking off of it.
😺[Squishy cat lamp]: Tap to change colors!!! The outer casing is soft silicone, so it’s very soft and fun to pat on. The colors change with a simple tap to either a still white light, rainbow transition, or a still color. When mommy needs to breastfeeding or change diaper, or your boy or girl needs to go to toilet during night, just a little tap on the bedside cat night light lamp is enough, no worry to wake anyone else up.
😻[Kawaii lamp]: Cat night light has a long battery life!!! And it’s USB rechargeable!!! Built-in 1200mAH lithium battery supports portable use up to 15 hours. With soft light, cat night light works as a baby guardian all night long. The squishy cat lamp will drive the darkness away. Since kids lamp is usb rechargeable you never have to worry about batteries. You dont have to keep buying batteries or have it plugged in!

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