10″D Set of 4 White Porcelain Dinner Plates with Gold Design

192,49 AED

These charming plates come in a set of four. The gold marble design decorating the white plate forms the perfect balance of elegance and sophistication. They create a classy finish to a finely set table. It is the ideal gift to treat you friend or family member with. Sold in a variety of sizes, these plates work nicely for a family dinner.
ELEGANT DINING- These sophisticated pieces are imbued with timeless modernity. The classical round shaped chargers are imbued with a fine marble design. They are the perfect accessory for any elegant dining affair, like a wedding, anniversary, birthday, Christmas and Thanksgiving feast.
PERFECT UNDERPLATE- this plate will fit under dinner plates, salad plates, soup bowl, and dessert plates. In fact, it will do more than being a beatific underlay- it will also prevent the tablecloth from becoming dirty from accidental spills.

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