Utensil Racks 40cm Kitchen Hanging Rack with 2 Knife Holder & 1 Dishcloth Holder & 6 S Hooks

✅ FREE UP VALUABLE DRAWER SPACE ✅ RAXMIN kitchen utensil steel rack measures 40cm, with a towel rack, 3 knife holder and 6 hooks, which allows strong enough to hold chef knives and a heavy cleaver, several utensils, pots or pans, a dishcloth!
✅ HANG UP EVERYTHING MORE EASILY ✅ Hooks are optimized design to avoid wobbles on the rail and fully moveable along the entire length, so you can easily adjust the space between each hook. Come with 4 removable ring accessories to help hang items.
✅ DURABILITY, STRENGTH, CORROSIVE RESISTANCE ✅ Made of alloy aluminum structure which better than iron material. Alloyed aluminium can be as strong as steel at only a third of the weight, fire safety and minimal maintenance.

Prices may vary upon system update!