U & U 9 Pieces Bamboo Wooden Cooking Kitchen Utensils Spoons Spatulas Cutlery Tong Set 8 Pieces + 1 Holder (Organic)

Premier and the Finest Quality, Made of Bamboo – Wooden Spoons, Spatulas and Holder that are nonstick cooking kitchen ware with a long time, durable, also light in weight, easy to hold. These are heat resistors and can be safely used on the hot surface, these never scratch the non-stick pans or pots, best fit to fry and stir your healthy food. ✔
Cutlery Set of Six Pieces with Holder: Several shapes to make cooking easy, consisting of Spatulas such as Turner, slotted, forked spatula, spoon with a single hole, non-slotted and slotted spoon are included, each approximately is 12″ in length, fulfilling the needs of cooking. Easy to hang the utensils through the hole at the handle’s end. ✔
Strong Bamboo Round Holder: is included as a bonus with enough capacity in it to hold other utensils as well. Water will not be stagnant inside the holder due to two given holes for the purpose of water to exit. ✔

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