Gluckluz Automatic Dustbin

170,00 AED

【Large Capacity Dust Bin】: Our smart motion sensor trash can has a capacity of 16 liters, which can effectively isolate various odors and create a fresh and clean environment! Large 16L capacity means less trips to empty, and less bags needing to be bought. This garbage bin will make your life easier, and is suitable for kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, office.
【Motion Sensor Automatic Dustbin】: The automatic dustbin features hands-free motion sensor lid which automatically opens when it detects people who get near the lid or knock the bin. Induction, Vibration, Tapping Button, using the latest sensor, can sense things within 30cm, keeping away from fungi in the process of dropping garbage!
【Mute Opening and Closing】: The opening and closing of the dustbin lid or any other operation of the dustbin are quite silent. the garbage container can respond quickly within 0.3 seconds without waiting. The touchless lid also could free your hands, easy to throw your waste. the lid will automatically close when hands or objects leave for 4 seconds.

Prices may vary upon system update!