CharmCollection Kitchen Tap Head Water-Saving 3 Gear Adjustable, 360° Swivel Faucet Aerator, Splash-Proof Nozzle Filter for Bathroom Sink Spray Attachment

27,71 AED

【Easy to Install without Leaking Water】:Our faucet aerator , with 5 sets of mounting accessories ( universal conversion connector, 2 rubber sealing rings, PTFE sealing tape, conversion threaded joint), the built in leak-proof water cushion and its close combination allows for ultimate anti leakage performance its close combination can really achieve 100% anti leakage. Which complies with the standard of inside and outside threaded faucets suitable for 17-22mm diameter faucet.
【360°Swivel Adjustable Design】: Humanized design,360°Swivel Adjustable design, faucet aerator free to control, water can easily cover the entire sink, easy to clean, so that dirt is not hidden. You only need a very small amount of washing up liquid,you can clean out the sink with just a swivel.
【High quality】: Multi-layer plating process to avoid corrosion and oxidation, which can extend the service life of the product. ABS stainless steel tube and pure copper interface assembly, stable structure, long service life, leak-proof, water saving, to ensure the high quality of kitchen faucet spray head.

Prices may vary upon system update!